We paid tour of Eastern Serbia, all I can say is that we were satisfied. My friend went on a 8 day tour to Montenegro and was also enthusiastic. Next year we will together travel through western Serbia or try out a 8 day tour of Serbia with our wives.

BMW Biker

I’m a beginner, this was my first long trip. I went with a friend on this journey full of fear and constant questions If I could do it. To our satisfaction everything went great. In Belgrade, we went through a brief training course and received advice regarding driving and controlling the bike on the road. We spent the time of our lives, many thanks to kind people from Pro Rides. The kindness of the people and the food to die for, beautiful landscapes of Serbia, which are constantly changing, they left us breathless. On the way home my friend asked when we’ll return. I looked at her and said, as soon as possible. I would recommend everyone to travel around Serbia.


With my wife I paid route 8 day Serbia. Good roads, excellent organization, nature and people. Special thanks to guide who made our trip unforgettable. We were all so fascinated that we consider to move to this beautiful country, full of history, natural beauty and wonderful food.

Misha A.V.

Professional and commendable. I recommend everyone.


I have traveled to many countries but this ride will be remembered for a long time. Everything was great, friendly guides, great organization, breathtaking landskapes, and the food is fantastic.


I went on this trip on my girlfriend insistence, and I haven’t repented although I was initially skeptical. Even though we had a little bad luck, the motorcycle broke down just   when we decided to separate from the group to explore Serbia by ourselves. After a call to our guide everything was quickly organized,  they transported us and the motorcycle to the accommodation, and in the morningthe motorcycle was repaired so we were able to continue our journey. All praise to the organizers. Surely we will come back next year.

Ivan A.S.